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(all raw images included)

Photo Editing Services

$25 - $50 / per image


"You can never *truly be captured by a photographer - until you are "released" by an Artist" - donbg artist

A R T • T H E R A P Y :

Not just another photoshoot.  It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words - & that's exactly what we desire to Create. A work of Art that makes a Forever Statement.


No matter the ocassion for your session, what is it that you "really want to say" with this Image?  Let us help you say it- in FUll Vibrance, with Courage & Transparency.  A Timeless work of Art, not to be judged, criticized or graded but simply Appreciated & Cherished.


Basic headshots or Wall Art for your Home ...never let it just be "another picture" - you are Gods Masterpiece, let's see what you are really made of ;)



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